We are looking for a project to invest 500K

Through this headline, we would like to announce the launching of the second call of our Investment Program.

As it has been already noted, the first call of our program is about to conclude with the investment in the project that, in the opinion of the Investment Committee, has deserved it more.

108 participants have partaken in it, 13 of them were discarded having been unable to fulfil the demanded requirements. As of today, there are only 3 projects still in the game.

 As we have anticipated, the following milestone is already underway: “500K Program”. In fact, several projects have already made their presentations for this “500K Program” This time around we are looking for an “industrial” Project, and for this new edition, we will look for an industrial partner to co-invest.


 But who are we?

The members of the Advisory Committee are professionals of renowned prestige, both within and outside our borders. These professionals have already attended more than 200 presentations like yours and thus will apply the highest standards. We are taking about experts in risk management of large multinationals, Banking Advisors with broad experience in Private Equity and experts who take part in Investment Committees.

It is important to note that, at any given presentation, no less than 20 potential investors assist.


What are we looking for?

(1) We era looking for a project of Founders. People who are able to transmit a bold vision, an unflagging willingness to learn, a conscious rational optimism, a pristine grasp of management focused on small decisions that are the ones that precede a great vision.

We need a project with extraordinary founders. The enthusiasm, the ability to communicate, the charisma, the knowledge of the market, the determination, are all intangible goods and absolutely essential in order to determine where to invest. Show us those values.

(2) We are looking for an industrial project and / or a project with a solid technological base. We would like to invest in a project that involves an evolution of a traditional sector. You will have to show us where was the market yesterday, where it will be tomorrow, and why. In other words, the reasons why your company is the one fit to face the challenges of the market.

(3) We are looking for an ongoing project. The most innovative ideas are always welcome, but we want to be able to check the existing results. We want to check up on the actual sales, because the first sale of a product or a service comes hand in hand with the obligations, the Administration …  and therefore, is a critical step and we want to know, before investing in your project, that you have already taken that step and how did you manage to front it.

 (4) And we look for a link of validation, of origin, of relationship with the College world. It is indifferent whether the University is public or private, is Spanish or foreign. But we want a brief cover letter of this project signed by a professor.

How do we start our adventure?

You can access and request your intervention in this link: We recommend that you apply as soon as possible. If you have any queries, send us an email to this address:

We have marked the deadline on July 31, 2018 (*). But we have to insist you to not leave the application for the last moment. The sooner you arrive, the better since we will have longer to review your project, to get to know you, to understand what you and your project are offering. Early submitters will be also able to benefit longer from all the things that investors (Advisory Committee) can do for you.


What should your request contain?


1. A careful description, with a maximum of two thousand words and a video (YouTube or Vimeo) of no more than two minutes. A good part of your success depends on how you are able to expose your project within this time limit.


2. Content of the project (minimum basis):

(a) Description of its technological basis. We will invest in a creative technological solution. Please, detail what makes your project different, unique, irreplaceable, attractive for investors and potential markets, etc. 

(b) A detailed list of clients (current and potential ones).  As said above an ongoing project is an essential requirement.

(c) University Link. To fulfil the requirements, it is deemed that your project shall have some university link of validation. That the pilot project had being borne within a University is not as a necessity but being signed by a Professor is mandatory: It does not matter from which University (There are more than 80 Universities in Spain; 50 of them are public and the rest are private, all professor from all universities are valid ones at the same level). It is also valid if the support comes from foreign Universities.

(d)  Volume of business from 2017 and 2018.  As stated above we are not willing to invest in just an “innovative idea” but in something tangible. In an ongoing project that has already billed to clients, therefore a minimum amount of 50K in sales in the last 12 months is required. We want your  working project. We consider that the difference between billing and non-billing is relevant. You are not an real entrepreneur until you start billing your business.

e) Last Balance Sheet and P&L

f) Identify 3 Competitors of your project


What is the expected date for the investment?

We are considering the 3rd quarter of 2018. It will be authorized by a Public Notary in Spain according Spanish Law.


 Additional Information

We do not only offer capital. In fact, capital is what has least value, compared to everything we are able to do for you.

If you don´t agree with this statement, let´s just say it’s not a solid start. Surely Investors are going to provide the money, but the scope of what the investor can do for you and your project is much larger than   that. Find out who are the investors, research them and think: what could X do for me, besides being my “partner”.

The Founders of the chosen projects will be called to make their presentations. If as a result of that presentation you´re able to pick the interest of our Committee, you will be called again for further interviews.

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