Ranking Abogados

Argued Ranking of Best Lawyers per country

This is our ranking (argued and in alphabetical order) of the best lawyers per country. In 30 years at ILP Abogados  we had acquired experience and we have criteria and arguments to recommend lawyers by any country. This table will be completed over time. Some will appear, others will disappear and others will remain.

Our selection includes an evaluation of the quality/price ratio, considering the average fees of each country.


For legal services in Australia, we urge you to contact Steven Brown. He is the founder member of Etienne Lawyers in Sydney. His personalized services are the key to the provide a fast, consistent and expert legal advice.


Rainer Kraft and Elisabeth Mayer-Wildenholfer run the Viennese firm Kraft&Wildenhofer Rechtsenwalte, an expert and highly regarded firm in Vienna. We met Dr. Kraft almost 20 years ago and his professionalism is beyond doubt. Both Elisabeth and Rainer are experts in Corporate Law and IT-IP Law. Rainer is also an accomplished mediator in both civil and business conflicts. Rainer speaks (in addition to German) French, English, Spanish and Italian. Elisabeth speaks (in addition to German) French and English.


Pieter Buntinx is a lawyer specialized in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions and commercial contracts. Their offices are located in Antwerp. Pieter has many years of experience and is an extraordinary advisor, well connected and passionate about legal work. He Speaks English, German and French. He is the partner of the Corbus Law Firm. In the firm, among others, there are also excellent lawyers such as Dirk Huygens and Anton Buntinx. Antwerp (Antwerp) is a nerve center in the traffic of goods from around the world. The port of Antwerp energizes the industrial activity of Belgium. And having a reliable, versatile firm with a vast legal knowledge like Corbus  is essential. Pieter Buntinx is the best ally that any Company should have in Antwerp.


Julia Pascowitch and Luis Moreira are the founding partners of Pascowitch Moreira, in São Paulo. They are both magnificent, charismatic and charming lawyers. Specialized in corporate and labour/employment, they are the perfect company for the development of your business in the vast Brazil. We have collaborated with them on multiple occasions, their response is as immediate as it is their availability.


Bazlyankov, Stanoev & Tashev Law Offices (BST) was founded in 1991 in the old and nice city of Plovdiv, located at one hour driving from Sofia.

Boyan Stanoev and Ivelina Pacheva are our contacts there, both specialized in general law practice, providing quality legal services to Bulgarian and foreign entrepreneurs, public authorities, and non-profit organizations. They are of course, smart, receptive and creative professionals willing to assist in whatever situation that their client should need to affront in Bulgaria.

At Bazlyankov, Stanoev & Tashev Law Offices (BST), they provide services in fluent English, Spanish, Italian and Russian languages.


HAZLOLAW, founded in 2011,  is a leading Canadian boutique firm specialized in business with headquartes in Ottawa, Ontario. The firm practices exclusively in the areas of business law, tax litigation and international law. HazloLaw-Business Lawyers prides itself on taking a personalized approach to client services and delivering practical advice to clients based on their unique business needs, well, we can say  that all these words are true.

Our contact in HazloLaw is Martin Aquilina, an international business lawyer, member of the Ontario and Quebec’s bar, with Canadian and European education and multilingual, he is fluent in French, English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German.


Ordoñez, Terán & Asociados should be your point of reference, when doing business in Colombia.

It is an utmost professional firm, with more than 20 years of experience advising Colombian and international clients, always open to new matters and collaborations aimed at improving any legal services that their clients may require.

Álvaro Ordoñez, with extensive experience advising companies and commercial arbitration, is our contact in Bogotá.

Costa Rica 

Our favourite lawyer in Costa Rica is Luís Montes, founding partner of Guardia Montes & Asociados. Luís Montes is a recognized litigator and business consultant, extremely well connected in Costa Rica, with more than 20 years in legal practice.

Guardia Montes & Asociados is a full-service boutique located in San Jose, they will protect your company, mitigate potential risks, and will help you developing your business.


Michael Damianos is a British educated lawyer, based in Nicosia, and the Head of Michael Damianos & Co. The firm’s practice is highly international with a strong corporate, banking, energy and private client focus. Although a full-service Cyprus law firm, its main areas of practice are international (and local) mergers and acquisitions, general corporate advice (including corporate disputes), winding up of companies, capital markets, banking, energy, general commercial work, fiduciary services, real estate, and immigration to Cyprus for non-EU high-net-worth individuals.

Czech Republic 

Bányaiová Vožehová is a Czech law firm leaded by whom we lovingly call the “Three Lucies”, Lucie Bányaiová, Lucie Vožehová and Lucie Oršulová, three dynamic and pragmatic lawyers with previous extensive experience in global law firms.

Bányaiová Vožehová is full-service firm based in Prague, that counsels in private and public law, including criminal and they can work, apart from the native Czech, in English, German and Spanish.


If you need legal advice in Denmark,

KLAR ADVOKATER is your firm, with an exquisite and personalized treatment to clients.

They represent a perfect combination of the classic virtues of good legal practice with personality, presence and transparency, building long-term relations with clients, providing concise advice in an informal and direct manner. Peter Kierkegaard, Thomas Krüger, Erik Molenberg and all their colleagues in KLAR ADVOKATER  represent that and much more. Believe us, if you are looking for the best lawyering services in Copenhagen, go and meet them. They are highly qualified in M&A, Corporate, Tax and Real Estate.


Juan Carlos Gallegos has been managing ILP Gallegos, Valarezo & Neira. for decades. This firm is one of the most prestigious and reliable in Ecuador. Specialized in Corporate and Corporate Governance, they advise the main Companies of Ecuador and a notable number of multinationals that begin their activity in Ecuador. ILP Gallegos, Valarezo & Neira. Neira are also qualified experts in Administrative Law, led by Edgar Neira. They also have an office in Peru. Gallegos, Valarezo & Neira also offer advice on offshore structures and specialized counselling to Family Offices. They are an indisputable reference in Ecuador. ILP Gallegos, Valarezo & Neira work interchangeably in Spanish and English.


Our reference firm in France is Pech de LaClause, Bathmanabane & Associés. They have an emblematic location at number 8, place Vendôme (Paris). The lawyer with whom we have collaborated the most is Nicolás Blanchenay who began to practice as a lawyer in NYC (hence being a member of the NYC Bar Association) and since 2001 practices in France. Nicolas is a specialist in M&A and Corporate. When we have needed their collaboration, their response has been quick, efficient and the client has always been satisfied. The fees are also reasonable considering the high fees of French lawyers.



Markus Thiele and Jochem Martens are two good German Lawyers. Markus is a qualified lawyer both in Germany and in Spain. He is versatile, with experience in M&A and Litigation.

Jochem is tax specialist. In addition to Markus and Jochem there are other good lawyers in the firm, complementing the areas developed by Markus and Jochem. Markus Thiele is trilingual in German, Spanish and English. They have their offices in Köln / Cologne  although they work in all the Länder of Germany.  They are both partners of the firm Martens Thiele

Hong Kong 

CHARLTONS, is a leading boutique firm in Hong Kong. Charltons focuses on corporate finance and provides cutting edge legal advice to Hong Kong, PRC and international clients. Charltons has offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Yangon. Julia Charlton is its principal partner, admitted in England, Wales and Hong Kong and more than 20 years of legal expertise.


If you are starting a new business in India, Lalit Mathur is the lawyer that you need in Delhi. He is the founding partner at Indconlegal, a full-service Indian law firm advising and representing clients in India and other parts of the globe.

Indconlegal provides a wide range of legal services to many of India’s best known private and public corporate and financial institutions as well as to government ministries and departments.

As an Indconlegal client, you will appreciate their dedication, synergy, pro-activity, pragmatism and appetite to understand your business and its needs, that was our experience, and we bet you will be not disappointed.


Cajola & Associati lawfirm has a tradition of excellence as to the quality of the legal services provided to their clients, and that is in short, our experience collaborating with them.

The firm was created by Alberto Cajola in 1966, and nowadays is headed by his son, Riccardo Cajola, a very smart lawyer, fluent in English and Spanish, very well connected in Italy, taking part in a lot of national and international transactions and very focused in Europe and Asia.


The success of Strategum Dargis relies on its fantastic professional team, headed by Vytatutas Dargis, Giedrė Kačinskienė and Julius Ciegis.

At Strategum Dargis, they provide general legal services, ensuring professionalism, speed and constant feedback to their clients. They collaborate with the Lithuanian Business Confederation, and are arbitrators of the Lithuanian Construction and Industrial Arbitration Court. They are very well connected in Lithuania and also with the business developed in the countries around them, as in the rest of the Baltic Republics, Scandinavia, Russia, Belorus, Ukraine, Poland.


ILP Bitar Abogados is headed and led by a unique lawyer, Raúl Bitar. Raúl is very well connected in Mexico City, which is undoubtedly essential in a jurisdiction like Mexico. And He is also surrounded by an excellent team, among them Rubén Almanza, Ayalet Mishraji and Alejandro Ortega are three magnificent professionals, accustomed to dealing with complex issues and solving them successfully.

ILP Bitar Abogados works in Spanish and English allowing them to serve all types of international clients and to provide services throughout, and outside, Mexico.


Our clients doing business in Panama have relied in LOVILL and in its partners, Cristina Lopez and Elizabeth Heurtematte.

LOVILL is a full-service law firm in Panama recognized by clients and international publications as a leader in Dispute Resolution, Corporate/M&A and Real Estate. LOVILL combines true multidisciplinary teams in said areas, making the firm a preferred choice for advising on local and international transactions.

As a lawyer, Cristina Lopez is tough litigator, and a great corporate advisor educated in the best Panamanian, American and Europe Schools, our experience collaborating with her and her firm could not have been better.


Do not make the mistake of identifying the firm Laos, Aguilar & Limas exclusively with the figure of Nancy Laos. It is true that Nancy has been a Magistrate and Minister of Labour. It is true that his figure is as well-known as is prestigious in the Peruvian society. But lawyers like their partners Rocío Limas and Javier Aguilar are indisputably up to Nancy’s prestige. Rocío Limas in Labour and Javier Aguilar in Corporate and Litigation, have shown us on several occasions not only their competence, but also their commitment, their strategic capacity solving problems and their flexibility to clients. In addition, a brilliant new generation of lawyers such as Edwin Lopez, Kattia Abanto or Romina Suyon guarantee full service at this firm… In the past, we have worked with other Peruvian firms, but none gets close to Laos, Aguilar & Limas.


In Poland, EWRA law firm provides top-level legal services. Maciej Ziemski is its founding partner, with a huge experience advising companies, national and cross board services, and alternative dispute resolution.

EWRA  is very active in the area of debt collection, being the member of Polish Debt Collection Agencies Association (PZZW).


Our experience with Portugal has been very extensive and profitable in all these years. Manel Ferreira da Costa and Alexandre Sousa Machado are two unique professionals in Portugal. Both run the firm Sousa Machado Ferreira da Costa Advogados (SMFC). Both speak remarkable good English, French and Spanish. Manel Ferreira da Costa is specialized in Corporate and M&A. Alexandre, on the other hand is one of the most prestigious lawyers of Family and Inheritance Law in Portugal. The Sousa Machado Ferreira da Costa Advogados (SMFC) team (Mafalda, Bruno, Martim, Ana Luisa, Lourenço …) is very committed, goal oriented, versatile and they have always collaborated with our firm enthusiastically. There is no better option in Portugal. And they are indisputably more competitive and flexible than any of the large Spanish firms with offices in Portugal. They have offices in Porto and Lisbon.


Karanovic & Partners is a regional legal practice in Southeast Europe with tradition spanning two decades, we meet them at their very beginning and since then, they are our favourite firm in that area.

Karanovic & Partners, with its’ cooperating attorneys-at-law, offers services in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia.

Miloš Vučković is a senior partner of the firm, based in Belgrade, and with huge practice in Business and Corporations.


MOLL WENDÉN is our preference in Sweden. Moll Wenden’s business concept is to offer high quality legal advice to large and medium sized corporations. MOLL WENDÉN has its offices in Malmö, Sweden, in the heart of the Öresund region and they are a full-service firm.

Mikael Karlson is our contact there, a brilliant corporate lawyer, specialized in cross border operations and with more than 20 years of legal practice. Mikael is always happy being of help he provides the best professional advice

The Netherlandas 

Langerak Advocaten is a law firm based in Amsterdam, and headed by Marc Langerak. Marc and his team provide sharp legal advice to Dutch and foreign clients in and out the country. Marc is the perfect lawyer for entrepreneurs, their companies, and also with individuals’ legal issues.

Langerak Advocaten deals with a wide variety of legal issues ranging from employment law, real estate, contract law, and company law in its broadest sense


Arzinger is an independent law firm headquartered in Kiev, with regional offices in Western and Southern Ukraine. For over 15 years, Arzinger has been among the legal business leaders providing high-quality legal support to clients throughout Ukraine. Among the firm’s many clients are top representatives of the international and local business. Arzinger’s managing and founding partner is Timur Bondaryev, a fantastic lawyer fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, English and German.

United Kingdom

When we are asked for a reference in the United Kingdom, our mind goes directly to June Paddock, a partner in McCarthy Denning.

McCarthy Denning is a full-service firm doing in-house and private practice, well recognized for their services in corporate, employment, Real Estate and private wealth.

June Paddock has more than 30 years of experience in legal practice, and we have been collaborating with her for the last 20, and needless to say our experience with her has been always the same, a job   extraordinarily well done with the utmost perfect result.



In United States, we have actively collaborated on several matters with Fisher Broyles LLP. They have offices in 22 cities among which are obviously NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Palo Alto … We have collaborated primarily with Christina H. Bost Seaton (NYC), Michael Cone (NYC) and Ed Gildea (Boston). However, we have also worked with other professionals such as David Holmes, Hollace Cohen, Kevin Lashus … Our experience with all of them has been very positive. They don´t hesitate to put themselves in the position of our clients. And they are also understanding and reasonable in terms of fees. Fisher Broyles LLP represents the evolution of the traditional Anglo-Saxon firms. They have adapted to a new reality, both in fees and in the provision of legal assistance. And they are also vocationally open to any future evolution. They are without a doubt our reference firm in the USA.

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