Debt restructuring

Debt restructuring

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Scope of Debt restructuring and refinancing

A law firm’s Corporate Financial Debt Restructuring and Refinancing service provides companies with advice and assistance in renegotiating their financial debts with creditors. This service covers the following areas:

This service is aimed at companies of all sizes that have financial debts with financial creditors. It is especially useful for companies in financial difficulties that need to renegotiate their debts to avoid pre-insolvency or insolvency situations.

Benefits of a corporate financial debt restructuring and refinancing service

How to contract a corporate debt restructuring and refinancing service?

Companies that are interested in contracting a corporate debt restructuring service can contact a law firm specialised in this area. The law firm will analyse the needs of the company and offer a personalised service.

ILP experience in debt restructuring

ILP Abogados has refinanced syndicated loan debts of several tens of millions of euros for various clients.

Lawyers and debt restructuring advice

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