Insolvency and pre-insolvency

Insolvency and pre-insolvency

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Scope of application of bankruptcy and pre-insolvency

With our insolvency, pre-insolvency and sale of production units service, your company can avoid bankruptcy and improve its financial situation. Our lawyers will help you assess your financial situation, negotiate with your creditors and sell production units to obtain liquidity.

This service covers the following areas:

Benefits of an insolvency service, pre-insolvency and sale of production units

ILP experience in insolvency and pre-insolvency

ILP Abogados has managed more than 1000 insolvency proceedings on behalf of creditors. In addition, its lawyers have been appointed in 35 insolvency proceedings by the Commercial Judges throughout Spain and have filed for dozens of voluntary and necessary insolvency proceedings.

Lawyers and bankruptcy advice

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