Lima: Gastronomic wonder. Seven memorable restaurants that should not ignore.
Lima: Gastronomic wonder. Seven memorable restaurants that should not ignore.

Lima is the city capital of Perú, 10 million inhabitants, the only South American city Capital by the sea, and it has 2 of the 10 worldwide best restaurants, Maidó and Central.

When you can find 2 of the 10 best worldwide restaurants in one city, it is because the gastronomic offer in that city, is as large as unique.

If you are visiting Lima, this list includes some memorable restaurants that will make the visit to city even more enough that it is itself.

The list does not include Astrid y Gastón, because we assume that its fame is already well known all over the world (and deserved, of course).

Most of the restaurants included in this list are located in Miraflores neighborhood. (If you have never been in Lima before, think that Madrid, in Spain, have 11.000 hotels, well, in Lima, only the Miraflores district, there are 600 hotels).

Let’s go with the list:



(We appreciate the collaboration about Maidó to our partner, Mr. Juan Carlos Gallegos Happle, from ILP Gallegos Valarezo&Neira, great lawyer and even better friend).

In the corner of an avant-garde Miraflores’ building, is located the Peruvian jewel of the Nikkei food, served to the world.

The hostess welcomes you with a big smile, confirms your reservation, and then takes you up a circular staircase, to the second floor, where there is a sushi bar open to the dinner’s tables.

All chefs, energetically and in unison, welcomes the visitor saying “Maidó”, a very particular Japanese way of saying “welcome”. This word is not only the restaurant’s name, this word makes each client feeling at home.

The restaurant is austere and practical, as the Japanese code dictates. As part of the decoration, hundreds of ropes descend from the ceiling, interspersed with the soft light of the restaurant.

Of course, you can choose the menu, or try the samples.

The first visit invites you to choose the “Nikkei Experience” special sampling menu, composed of 13 dishes, that will show you the skills of chef Mitsuharo Tsumura. Each piece of food is carefully accompanied by sparkling and still wines, beers from all over the world, and of course Sake.

The Nikkei Experience is the result of a cultural union as something natural: it is precise, it flows, it creates good expectations and adrenaline from the appetizers, through the main dishes, and ending with the delicious desserts.

3 Nikkei experiences with wine tasting: $ 800.

Expensive, but expected, if you consider that you are at the number one ranked restaurant from 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America.


The building where the restaurant is located is the union of modernity, evolution, cleanliness, illusion, and a huge sense of creativity.

The menu, recited by the waiter or read on the menu, is unintelligible. In addition to that is pretty light, almost limited, expensive…, but a unique gastronomic experience.

The menu is based in the different Peruvian latitudes and the elements, the earth, the sea, the fire…, so… What are you going to eat there? You are going to literally eat Perú: Percebes, Navajas, Cactus, Mashwa, Copoazú, Oca, Camarón, Piraña, Pulpo, Calamar, Cabro Olluco, Cacao, Congona Cushuro Qolle…

Any doubts? Go and visit, and then please, share your experience with us!.




Large restaurant, not very fancy but sophisticated, that kind of “restaurant business”, with a nice porch for the appetizers or an after-dinner drinks and cigars.

Good cebiches and tiraditos, excellent octopus and clams (conchitas) “a la chalaca”, chicharrones, great “causa” and excellent “suspiro” among the dessert’s options.



For us, one of the best corners in Lima, noisy, friendly, happy, enthusiastic… there is a lot fun plus great food, so a perfect option for the weekend’s lunch.

Clams, stuffed potatos, ceviches, parmesan clams, tacos, the tuna sandwich, the shrimp burger… everything is delicious, it is definitely a great place, even when you compare the quality and price relation!



According with locals, the best cebiche in town! We think this summarizes everything, you will not regret the visit.



It is not a restaurant, it is one of those market areas, pretty fashionable now days in almost, all the cities all over the world, but, not all cities are Lima. You will find a lot fun there during the weekends from lunch to dinner time.

The food is served in stands, they do not have table service, you of course are going to find international food, but again, try the local ají de gallina, anticuchos, lomo salteado… they all are super tasty.



Great food and a privilege location in both cases, La Rosa Nautica is in a beautiful pier, La Huaca Pucllana in front of an incredible pyramid, simply amazing.

Lot of things to see in Peru, no doubt, but also a lot to eat surrounded by great people. Enjoy it!

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