Chiringuitos and Terraces to Eat in Algarve

A few kilometres from Faro and the border with Huelva, in the Eastern Algarve, are probably the two most luxurious holiday areas of the Algarve: Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo. So far, so good.

Around, how could it be otherwise, a multitude of expensive restaurants. Some magnificent, others not so much. I allow myself some notes about those we visited in case they are in the area someday.

They can be divided into chiringuitos and terraces. We ate at the beach bar and dined on the terrace.

The first are not chiringuitos to use, but authentic market restaurants that open both day and night. Normally they are not at the foot of the beach but a few tens of meters and is accessed by footbridges.

As for the terraces, they are not either. They are spacious restaurants, usually a few kilometers inland on the sides of the road, with magnificent terraces where you can enjoy the night.


Dos Passos: Modern and comfortable restaurant on the Praia do Ancao. Good fish, but it stands out for its seafood. Highly recommended but expensive, from 50/60 euros person.

Gigi: A classic in Quinta do Lago at the entrance to the beach. Chringuito coquettish, although somewhat uncomfortable. It is ordered inside where the menu is written on a blackboard and served on the terrace. A lot of people and irregular service, but very tasty fish. Magnificent sea bass About 40 euros person, to visit.

Antonio Ta Certo: The most similar to a Spanish beach bar. At the foot of Praia do Garrao. Terrace crammed with chairs and tables and service that “feeds you”. Good carabinieri and magnificent sea bass. Also to visit. From 40 euros person.

Marias: Modern and apparent, also in Praia do Garrao but somewhat further from the sand. It is cheaper, about 35 euros, but you may avoid it. Light years away from the other three.


Parrilla Natura: Spectacular terrace, the best we visited. Broad menu, more meat than fish. Good meat dishes, although somewhat irregular. We almost repeat. From 40 euros person.

Cassa do Campo: Classic Portuguese restaurant. Nice terrace and very friendly service. Reasonable food but justita. Famous the cesar salad. About 50 euros person.

Pizzeria Casavostra: As its name suggests it is a pizzeria. The surprising thing is the size of the interior and the terrace. High ceilings and very busy. Nice but improvable pizza, reasonable pasta. Price adjusted, about 25 euros person. It’s not bad at all.

Bovino Steakhouse: Another of the restaurants in Quinta do Lago, in this case specialized in meats. Great interior spaces and terrace. Very slow service. Short letter and perfectly forgettable food. Expensive, from 50 euros person. They can obviate it.

Gusto (Taste): One of the last nights we decided to try a michelin star restaurant among the several in the area. We chose this restaurant, its terrace overlooking the Conrad hotel pool and its short menu. The place very beautiful. The culinary experience very weak. It looses the food and desperately slows the pace. They took longer to serve this 5-course menu than a few days later on the Atrio menu which consists of 13. The short menu at 98 euros person.

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