We´re looking for a Project to invest 400k

Deadline to apply to participate in the 400k Project ( The Sixth Option): Dead Line for application: March, the 11, 2019

40 Partners + 400K

But the amount of 400k should not be the most sought after part for the projects. The essential should be that there are 40 partners, that besides the investment through the 400k vehicle, could invest privately solely or individually, in a different project,  if they want to.

The Investment vehicle: The Sixth Option SL

What are we looking for in order to invest 400k?

  1. A) We will invest in people. People, leaders are above and beyond the ideas and the technology
  2. B) We will invest in management.  In addition of the ideas and the technology ….. we want a Project with a place in the market and in which its founders have the knowledge to reach that place and that market.
  3. C) We will invest in an ongoing Project with existing results

We do not want to invest 400K in

(1) Just ideas, even brilliant ones.

(2) Just projections in an Excel spreadsheet.

(3) A Project only because its technology.

(4) A Project that is not willing to listen to us.

(5) A Project that see us as mere capital

How to apply to the 400K?

(1) Send us an email to

(2) Balance sheet and P&L account of 2018

(3) Business Plan

(Optional but advisable) Explanatory video of the project (format Vimeo / Youtube)

(4) Memory Project (up to 15 pages)

  1. Description
  2. Differential character
  3. Value Proposal
  4. Innovation within the project
  5. Analysis of the scalability of the Project
  6. Analysis of the competition

(5) Grants or public subsidies received

(6) Shareholder´s structure

(7) Authorization to upload in our web data about the Project

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